Case study: Centralized switchboard

The challenge:

A multi-specialty clinic with 13 locations was facing enormous challenges with receiving and handling of their inbound phone traffic with Call Abandonment rates hovered over 15%. Close to 2000+ inbound calls were received daily between all facilities. Each clinic had their own switchboard staff. Some clinics were better able to handle their calls than others. The thought of having a centralized switchboard team was of interest, however difficult to implement due to logistics, configuration and cost.

The solution:

The clinic contacted SkyCom Healthcare to discuss how we could assist with building a centralized switchboard system using their platform and implement a pilot within 30 days. SkyCom went right to work in co-developing the design, workflows and training material with enough time to execute training before an aggressive go-live date. A pilot team of three agents was assembled to start with the first facility. 

The results:

After 30 days of incubating the pilot team, SkyCom Healthcare was able to completely stand on its own and manage the one facility’s inbound traffic with very little disruption in call flow. Client meetings were held twice a week to manage through any challenges and opportunities for improvement. The client quickly created an onboarding schedule to add in the additional facilities. Within 120 days of the first go-live, an additional 15 agents were added to the pilot team and all facilities were on SkyCom’s centralized switchboard. Call Abandonment Rates were reduced to less than 3% and the provider was able to quickly see an increase in patient volume and overall patient satisfaction.

Starting point:

Daily calls


Pre-centralized abandonment rate


From pilot with one clinic to centralized switchboard for the whole business within 4 months.


Post-centralized abandonment rate

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