Why A BPO Should Be Part Of Your Total
Workforce Solution?

Finding a BPO can be an easy process, however picking the right one that addresses the key benefits below can save you lots of time and money.

  • Being more profitable
  • Obtaining higher performance
  • Easy and efficient onboarding
  • Staffing top talent
  • Mitigating attrition

Up to a 50% reduction in your labor costs is possible

Many nearshore BPOs operate in countries where average salaries can be a fraction of US salaries, After adding in benefits, labor taxes and overhead, you should expect some savings in your labor costs and a decent increase in your profit margin.

Achieving higher performance is the secret sauce

Clients contract with BPOs to be more profitable and generate more revenue. A good BPO will measure agent performance by the hour and provide them with real time feedback. They can also apply a consultative approach to your business model, and in some cases re-engineer processes that can achieve higher results. Agents are also bonused for delivering higher productivity and receive continuous training to keep improving their performance. Pick a BPO that does not accept average results.

A 30-day turn key solution is possible

By connecting with one liason on the client side makes it easy to share training & reference materials and initiate system access. A good BPO will assume the rest of the onboarding process without a need to bother the client.

How hard is it to find good people?

Without good people most companies will fail quickly. No one understands that better than a BPO. They typically use advanced recruitment tools to identify the best candidates and can easily schedule them for virtual interviews.. A good recruitment process should give the client 100% satisfaction with a BPOs candidate selection if staffing profiles are aligned.

What BPO attrition looks like?

No company is immune to employee attrition. In this post-covid world employees have more leverage and are more demanding. A good BPO will not hide their attrition. They will add floater staff where necessary to cover for employee turnover so that the client can expect optimal staffing each and every day.

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